Meet The Team

As any organisation or company, there is a team of dedicated peoplewho help to make the organisation or company a success and here at the Voice Of Wales, we are no different. Without these dedicated team members, the Voice Of Wales would not be able to bring you, the content that we do.

Dan Morgan

Politics never interested me until the Brexit campaign. With this vote not being aligned to any political party I cast my vote and that vote was to leave. Following the vote I watched how political parties did their best to ignore the will of the people and are still doing so today. This opened my eyes to how dirty politics really was.

We started a group called the Leavers of Swansea and campaigned locally to ensure the vote was upheld and we left the EU. For this, we came across groups like Stand Up To Racism Swansea who instantly set up hate campaigns targeting all group members individually. This further opened my eyes and exposed who these groups are and who controls them.

During this campaign, Leavers of Swansea were branded “Vile, Racist, Bigots” in a public council meeting. When we went to local media with this accusation, it was turned back on us and across Wales Online we were branded “Vile, Racist, Bigots.”

From this point, we decided that there was a clear gap in the market for honest, good old fashioned journalism and the first people we investigated were the people who came at us. We started our journalism as Leavers of Swansea which then evolved into Voice Of Wales.

Since I have been doing this work my eyes have been opened in so many ways. I can see the future in store for our children & grandchildren unless the issues that are covered up by politicians and mainstream media are exposed and that is exactly what Voice Of Wales are set out to do.

Stan Robinson

From my youth I have been a member of or served as Chairman or a Committee member of various political parties or bodies. I joined the Conservative Party and with that The Freedom Association and had a hand in Operation Pony Express and the breaking of the print unions.

I also took part in support of the right of England cricketers to tour in apartheid-era South Africa and of course today Voice of Wales objects to politics entering sport with players taking the knee gaining national and international news coverage.

A Member of the many other pressure groups connected with first leaving the EEC then the EU including the Referendum Party, Vote Leave, Leave means Leave, Veterans Party and latterly UKIP.

During the 2019 election the Democrats & Veterans Party lent support to the Brexit Party with myself becoming the Regional Co-ordinator running from Llanelli to Cardiff.

Today Voice of Wales regularly challenges the Welsh government and institutions gaining the accolade of ‘A threat to modern day Wales’. Thanks Mr Drakeford.

Steve Harry

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Ted Jones

For many yeas, I was not interested in politics (for various reasons) and I was happy to go along with what was being dictated to us. But in the most recent of years (I should say decades…Yes, I am an old git), I have been forced to change my political stance and get more involved. 

I currently work full time, and I also update, maintaining VoW’s website, amongst other glamour’s tasks.


Paul Burgess

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I have tried to live my life with strong Christian values, by helping others who have little. I have also felt blessed for living in a tolerant country.

I volunteer with marginalised people and can see first hand how little support is given to them. Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, I see pensioners struggling to live and I see thousands of children living in poverty yet billions spent on others.

I see Christianity being devalued, I see women being devalued, I see decency being devalued. I became more political during the Brexit campaign as I truly felt the UK would be better out of Europe with all its corruption and determination to take away our sovereignty.

I met Stan and Dan through Leavers of Swansea when we went out into the streets, which eventually became Voice of Wales.

I edit their articles and help wherever I can as I believe we need to bring the truth of what is happening to our country to those who value honesty.

VOW Silla

VoW Silla is our content creator, video editor, as well as our London correspondent reporter. She found her way into politics not by choice but a necessity during the Covid pandemic as she witnessed censorship and mass coercion taking place removing our right to free speech and free will to choose.

“As long as I have a voice, I will use it and will not be silenced.”