Night Of The Scarlet Poppies

A worm’s eye view of how in 2023 Llanelli residents overturned plans for a migrant hostel in the nearby village of Furnace/Ffwrnes. The book is an eclectic mix, covering the town’s noble history in industry & war together with gripping accounts of the sacrifices made by ‘Sospan’ demonstrators.

In the face of overwhelming police numbers, hostile security teams and Leftist agitators, patriotic campaigners finally secured a U-turn by the Home Office.

A Battle for Britain’s soul fought out in a corner of west Wales, with implications for the rest of our island nation. This episode demands to be re-told to a wider audience and can be held up as a shining example of people power, also a victory for citizen journalism pioneered by the Voice of Wales and others. Packed with facts, anecdotes & humour.

The book also warns about dark forces in our midst and the plans they have for our children.

First of a series.

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