Gwent Police boast that they have significant concerns over sexual exploitation of vulnerable people in Newport and responded by resourcing a Police Operation lasting over 12 months, 50 arrested for solicitation, 40 charged.

Whilst of course we welcome this intervention to reduce crime and protect women, it appears Police targeted and locked up lone individuals seeking services of women who chose to earn money from employment as sex workers.

We are still waiting patiently to see the same determination, expenditure and deployment of Police resources in the fight against Muslim grooming gangs who continue preying on young vulnerable girls.

We are also still waiting for the first person to be charged in Newport with the barbaric offence of intentionally mutilating vulnerable children by carrying out FGM.

Zero charges in the UK since it was outlawed in 1985.

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  1. Beggars belief that the police have spent a year on this instead of having a strong presence every day. Too busy fining men for wolf whistling or arresting journalists maybe? What are the police doing every day?


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