On Friday, the government revealed that around 21,000 Afghans have been relocated to the United Kingdom, after the Taliban took over the country as a direct result of Joe Biden withdrawing the military, and leaving all the weapons behind. Voice of Wales exposed that Afghan Refugees were also being relocated to Wales, that can be found here.

Furthermore, according to an article from the Telegraph, around 9,500 Refugees and their families are still being housed in hotels in England, like they have been for the past year after evacuating their home country. 

Currently, the scheme to house purely Afghan Refugees is costing the taxpayers roughly £1 million a day, which doesn’t even include the extra £3 million being spent per day in housing other economic migrants/refugees such as Ukrainians and those who have crossed the English Channel illegally (around 20,000 this year).

According to many mainstream media platforms, many of these Afghan Refugees are “unhappy with remaining in hotels for such a long time” but “there is a reluctance to move to Scotland or Wales because they believe the British Home Nations are too cold.”  In response to this, many have said that beggars can’t be choosers, and have pointed out that most citizens living in the UK are struggling at this moment, due to the cost of living crisis.

The Home Office said that there is a “challenge” in finding long-term solutions for local housing to accommodate the large number of asylum seekers “not just for Afghans and those in need of protection but also British citizens who are also on a waiting list for homes.” They say that it is a challenge to find local housing to meet the demand of the amount of “asylum seekers” plus British Citizens, but they still neglect to do anything about the illegal crossings off the English Channel on the basis they say having no identification to enter the UK is not a crime?


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