If you remember just coming out of lockdown, people were scared. In fact, at GWR and Transport for Wales, they held a meeting to run a risk assessment on the “dangers” of cash “transmitting Covid 19” and the decision was ultimately left to the discretion of the ticket people on the train as to whether they wanted to accept cash as payment, despite it being a legal tender.

My opinion on the matter is that if cash is a legal tender and they’ll only accept card, then that’s their problem to deal with and not mine.

New plans have been revealed that all ticket offices on Britain’s railways are to close as “paper tickets are slowly phased out” and you are instead expected to use completely digital tickets.

This is expected to save the train companies up to £500 million a year. However, this seemingly comes with quite a few problems. Firstly, what if you are stranded for the night with a power-dead phone? What will the 3 million elderly who can’t access the internet do? What about homeless people who don’t have mobile phones?

 The unions have also claimed that allegedly many are to be layed off, with National Rails plan to cut spending with a complete disregard for health & safety.

According to the article, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said that one in eight tickets are still bought over the counter.

To me it is obvious that this is nothing more than a ploy to get more people to go cashless and instead get us dependent on being digital, which eerily sounds remarkably similar to the concept of socialism; making us entirely dependent on the state. It is all part of the agenda 2030 plan to systematically strip us of our freedom.



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