Confusion on Appeal

Owner, Anna Redfern, the owner of independent Swansea cinema and café Cinema & Co, stood up for what she felt was right against welsh measures introducing Covid passports for all cinemas, theatres and concert halls, describing them as “discriminatory and unlawful”.

Anna was fined £15,000 for refusing to comply with coronavirus rules.

When she remained opened while new measures where introduced, the court ordered her to shut the premises, but she promptly re-opened which lead to a suspended prison sentence for contempt of court, and subsequently pleased guilty to three offences under the Coronavirus act 2020 and was fined £5,000 for each breach.

The matter came to Swansea Crown Court this week to begin the appeal process – though the defendant didn’t attend the hearing, citing family reasons.

A court judge rejected her appeal to dismiss her case on November 30 and ordered the venue to follow Covid-19 regulations and she have since respected the council’s closing order.

When the appeal came before the higher court for a preliminary hearing, the court heard it was not clear from the legal papers so far submitted whether the appellant is appealing against both conviction and fine, nor was it clear whether she is appealing on behalf of just herself or also for the business, cinema & Co.

To add to the confusion, it was also not clear whether the appellant is legally represented in the appeal.

Judge Paul Thomas QC ordered the court to write to Ms Redfern asking for clarification on her appeal ahead of the next hearing which is set for January 20.

For those who have been following this case. We endeavour to keep you updated.



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