With just weeks left before Boris Johnson is to leave office, he has decided to go on holiday. This could not come at a worse time, as this is the same day the bank of England reiterated the fact our economic system is in a severe state of decay and predicted a “year-long recession and souring inflation.” I have got to say though, the Bank of England’s a bit late to the party. Our inflation rate is already at 9.1% and it’s expected to exceed 13% in the next couple of months. Interest rates have also spiked by 0.5 per cent to 1.75 per cent.

Zahawi, who’s literal job is finance within the UK government – to be more exact, his position is the Chancellor of Exchequer, more commonly known as the Government’s Chief Financial Minister – has also decided to go on holiday.

“The fact they’re both on holiday on the day the Bank of England forecasts the longest recession in 30 years speaks volumes”

Though I am appalled that they have both gone on holiday during a time of crisis, I find it even more shocking, though unsurprising, that the Labour Party is using this to bash the conservatives. Especially, when Mark Drakeford has a literal “chalet” in West Wales that was paid for using taxpayer money and that he’s been visiting every other week! Oh – and his chalet isn’t classed as a second home, meaning he doesn’t even need to pay the extra tax that other homeowners are expected too!





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