Today, BT are in the news once again with the Union Members of CWU taking strike action over pay, but what isn’t in the news is how BT Swansea Staff have been abusing the BT system and applying credits to their own and family’s accounts.

Voice Of Wales have met a few of the BT employees land ex employees and this is al hot topic within the Tower. It’s not a hot topic that these credits were being applied because “Everyone is doing it” according to the staff members. It’s a hot topic because whilst some staff members were dismissed, senior management including BT’s favourite Italian manager still remain in the company.

Senior management within BT are earning around £40,000+ a year including bonuses and frontline staff earning £20,511 a year including bonuses. This gives frontline staff £1,700 monthly, a good bonus scheme and discounted products so why are frontline staff, including management crediting accounts fraudulently?

From speaking to a number of current and ex BT employees it seems very clear what the motive behind this is. Voice Of Wales were told that the recruitment drive is run by socialists and the people they are employing are of the mentality of “take whatever we can”.

Other evidence to back this up was an email that went out to every staff member a day or so before the Brexit vote. This email advised how voting to leave the European Union could potentially affect the staff’s job putting pressure on people and how they wanted to vote. Another example of this is previously, in recruitment days, potential applicants are sat around a table and as an ice breaker were asked “If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?”. Allegedly, the managers doing the hiring were advised “If anyone says Donald Trump, no matter how good they are, they won’t get the job”. This was allegedly said by Izzy Trenfield who at the time was an area manager and high up in the ranks of BT.

It appears that BT Swansea is yet another company where the socialists have taken over. Giving preferential treatment to their favourites and sacking people who dare step out of line or ask questions.

Today, BT are on strike over pay and will be joined by 999 call handlers. BT says it “Aims to protect 999 services during strike” with BT bosses forced to answer 999 calls. We know that there is extensive training to take 999 calls and this now puts the Great British public in danger.

The socialist/communist unionists have a track record of causing maximum disruption to the public when taking strike action and when we have staff members and management within BT Swansea stealing from the company, should any of these strikes be taken seriously?

Voice Of Wales have contacted BT regarding this issue and are awaiting a reply.


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