Cinema & Co was forced to close last night 26.11.21 without a signed court order.

It shows that Trading Standards and Swansea Council are obviously bitter about the results of the court hearing, and therefore they show up mob handed with the Police.

The moment Trading Standards arrived to do their dirty work for Dictator Drakeford. The papers had no wet signature, just a printed letter, and when you know your rights and the law, you will know a written signature is required.

Brown Shirts was on standby to drag people out if they had to.

The lowest part of this, a local lock Smith, located just down the road from Cinema & Co from ‘Swansea Timber’ came along to change the locks.

So much for sticking up for business but it’s clear that money talks ay…. Wonder how they would feel if the brown shirts were to shut them down too.

If you would like to let them know how you feel, you can email Swansea Timber here.
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  1. The leftie turnips won’t stop me watching BrokeBack Mountain.

    • Well well…a little bird told me that cinema and co was already in financial trouble before all this nonsense kicked off. It was a publicity stunt by the owners to raise a few quid!

      “…” any publicity is good publicity…” someone once said

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