MPs have been told that the Wuhan lab leak is now the most likely origin of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stan Says: Over 18 months ago, indeed at the very start of the Pandemic Voice of Wales blamed China for the biological attack on not just our Country but every Country in the world.

An article in the Science journal on May 14 sparked the rise in interest for the lab-leak theory.

We where made out to be wackos, conspiracy theorists, but bit by bit V.o.W has been ahead of the game, just like we predicted the outcomes in Penally.

China is an evil and wicked regime whose tentacles span the Globe and even in Wales and Swansea in particular!

Universities both in the USA and Wales have been bought; Politicians, Professors, Doctors and Academics are in the pockets of the Chinese Communist party (CCP). 

It’s clear that covering it up is no longer an option – measured leaks have become the orders of the day with stories like the one below. 

Dr Chan told MPs: “I think the lab origin is more likely than not. Right now, it’s not safe for people who know about the origin of the pandemic to come forward.

“But we live in an era where there is so much information being stored that it will eventually come out. We have heard from many top virologists that a genetically-engineered origin is reasonable, and that includes virologists who made modifications to the first SARS virus.”


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