This is a very concerning report where we have caught 5 assaults on Camera in total and others reported to have happened off the camera.


Swansea Council kicked this complaint into the long grass treating it as a freedom of information leaving protestors no choice but to halt work on Swansea’s most well known street.


What we feared would happen, happened and someone ended up getting hurt. What we do know is the forklift driver had no right to ignore a pedestrian and use his vehicle to push them aside, he should have stopped. This is still a road traffic collision with the driver at fault. It was his duty to stop.

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  1. The protester was an arrogant moron who thought he had some god given rite to disrupt the working lives of the ground workers. He deserved what he got. I was the driver of the forklift. That twat cost me my job. Luckily, i was on another site by the following day because i have a reputation as a good driver


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