Plan 'B' Has Been Plan 'A' All Along

‘Stan Says: When ‘dead moggies’ are deployed as a distraction, you know it’s to cover up something worse!

With the Omicron Variant being reportedly far weaker than the other mutations but more infectious – everyone except the vulnerable should embrace it, catch it and recover with an immunity from COVID 19.

Some have questioned the timing of Plan ‘ B’ leaks which appears to have coincided with the release of the damning footage appearing to corroborate reports in the last week that Number 10 held a Christmas party last December in contravention of lockdown rules, with footage last night revealing Downing Street staff joking about such a party during a press briefing rehearsal last year.

Conservative MP William Wragg questioned if this was a “diversionary tactic” to take attention away from what has been dubbed on social media as #PartyGate.

Wragg pointing out and said: “COVID passes will not increase uptake of the vaccine, but will create a segregated society,” and the the prime minister neither confirmed nor denied this and replied: “No decisions will be taken without consulting the cabinet.”


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