Labour First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford says “Transgender women are women”.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when the type of questions stumping politicians are “are transgender women, women”?

The most recent politician to have to manoeuvre this “curve ball” was none other than the First Minister of the Socialist Republic of Wales, Mark Drakeford.

During the plenary session, Conservative MS Laura Anne Jones asked a question related to trans athletes’ participation in sport.

She told the First Minister: “I feel the need to be clear and I think it’s important that I make it clear that protecting women’s rights does not for one moment mean that you’re anti-trans rights. Female competitors deserve the same rights as male competitors.

“We all know the huge benefits that sports can offer and we all, I’m sure, want to ensure trans athletes can participate in sport. But what we don’t want is a situation where we’re trying to be so inclusive that it is to the detriment of a particular group. We have a situation where women athletes are so disheartened that they are pulling out of their own female categories because they say that trans women taking part in a female category have a male-puberty advantage.

“I’m sure that we’ll agree above all, that it is of paramount importance that we ensure fairness in sport. It is fundamental to sport. First Minister, do you believe that trans athletes should compete in female sports? As, however you feel on this issue, to resolve it, it is fundamental that one can define a woman. So, First Minister, can you do something that many other Labour politicians have failed to do so far, which is define a woman?”

The First Minister responding, telling Ms Jones: “My starting point is the same as Penny Mordaunt, the UK Minister responsible at the time, who said that the UK Government’s starting point was that transgender women are women and that’s my starting point in this debate and, look, it is a difficult area where people feel very strongly on different sides of an argument, and an argument that divides people who agree on most other things.”

He continued: “What I say to the member is this: that in such a potentially divisive issue, the responsibility of elected representatives is not to stand on the certainties of their own convictions, but instead to work hard to look for opportunities for dialogue, to find ways of promoting understanding rather than conflict and to demonstrate respect rather than to look for exclusion.

“I do not understand the point that the member makes: that you can be too inclusive. To me, inclusivity is absolutely what we should be aiming for here and the way to resolve those challenging issues that she’s identified and I’ve got no objection at all to her identifying them, but the way to resolve them is not to assume that because we ourselves may have strong views, that that allows us to cast doubt on the sincerity of views held strongly by others. It’s only by dialogue and by understanding that you can reach a conclusion to the sorts of questions the member has raised.”

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This type of question isn’t going away any time soon but where we can laugh at the idea this is even a ‘difficult’ question, the way politicians and public figures are handling the question should be very telling.

Voice Of Wales have spoken to many people about this topic and the feedback is unanimous, your average, everyday person opposes the overwhelming alphabet battalion’s propaganda and are concerned for genuine women’s safety and the future of women’s sport.

With Senedd Elections soon upon us, it’s important to remember how these questions are answered. It’s important to remember what ideologies they are promoting in schools and important to remember that with a turn out of 46% in the last elections, your vote can make a real difference.


  1. Must have been a transwoman who gave birth to his son!!

  2. How come the first world cannot define what a women is but the third world can.



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