What an Embarrassment to Wales

It appears MARK DRAKEFORD has suffered an embarrassing slip-up after the Welsh First Minister referred to himself as “Prime Minister of Wales” while giving an update on Coronavirus.

The Welsh First Minister, responded to BBC reporter Mark Hutchings on the Welsh Government’s timeframe for lifting Covid restrictions at a press conference on Friday 21 as he’s refusing to set a date for lifting restrictions after England eased all Plan B measures this week.  

Mr Hutchings asked: “Will you set the date for all Covid related restrictions including mask-wearing, self-isolation, Covid passes, all that sort of thing to be lifted given what England is now doing?”

Sarcastically Drakeford replied: “No, Rob I won’t, because I’m the Prime Minister of Wales, not a horoscope writer for a daily newspaper.”.

The party must go on

Drakeford also advised that the Omicron ‘storm’ has been weathered as it announces plans to relax rules and announced large crowds are being allowed to return to outdoor events in Wales and nightclubs are to reopen.

  • Crowds will be able to return to outdoor sporting events
  • Outdoor hospitality will be able to operate without additional measures.
  • But a Covid pass will be required for entry to larger outdoor events.

Drakeford promises to relax some Covid restrictions for the Welsh people, but we have all seen how there are different  interpretation of the rules, the rules for the people are  strictly enforced,  but the same rules don’t seem to apply to the Politicians in the Senedd or at Westminster. Freedom is a right for all in a democracy, Politicians don’t have a right to restrict or control freedom.

It’s become apparent to simply stop voting Labour.
They’ve been exceptional at showing the world that they’re unable and unfit to lead this country, and it clearly shows when we look at the yo-yo results of lock downs and restrictions of the last two years and the handling of this pandemic.

After the firebreak at the end of last year, rules were standardised across Wales, with localised restrictions were abolished on 9 November, which meant pubs, restaurants, and cafes reopened with groups of up to four people from different households allowed to meet up in them. But this did not apply to the first minister.

On 15 December, while we were all suffering with restrictions, some fined, or even jailed for breaking the rules, we’ve seen the likes of Drakeford and Prime Minister Boris Johnson not taking their own restrictions into account including the first minister as he was out himself on Friday the 12  November 2021 attending a Diwali party.

Labour no longer hold the same high standards and values they once did.

It’s simply a time for Change

Dignitaries from the Indian and Welsh government at the Diwali event at Cardiff University on Friday, November 12, 2021. (Phot credit: HCI Wales)


  1. Drakeford should be voted out at the first opportunity. It is obvious that power has gone to his head and he has become a tyrant.

  2. We the people cannot stand drakeford and his way of thinking. Step down and evaporate off the face of the earth. Money draining scumbag.

    • Sick of Drakford, he is a threat to modern day Wales, a bully to the media who do not agree with him and as a direct result will get his Stasi Police to intimidate. This man is ruining Wales, he even called himself the Prime Minister! A deluded man that does not deserve the power which he continues to abusesd at all times. Is a disgrace and hates anyone who disagrees with his corruptions, agendas and abuse of power. Drakeford thinks us in Wales are idiots. A pathetic and deluded man!


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