Mother of Manchester Arena suicide bomber pocketed more than £17,000 in benefits after leaving Britain

Stan Says: I have long held the opinion that anyone on a Watchlist with dual nationality should be Banished from the United Kingdom along with there kith and kin.

The Abedi Family is that example:  the Manchester Arena Murderer carried on claiming benefits despite fleeing the Country.

The Case has also highlighted how Foreign Nationals can start claiming Benefits and continue to do so, long after they have gone ‘Home,’ to Libya, the Country which they claim to have ‘fled.’ Terrorist sympathiser Samia Tabbal continued to receive about £2,500 a month in housing and child benefit and work and tax credits.

The 55-year-old’s benefits bonanza has been revealed in official documents submitted to the Manchester Arena Inquiry suggesting that she failed to inform HM Revenue & Customs that she was leaving the UK.  

I’m sure, that if anyone took the time to investigate, there would be a huge number of these cases that will come to light?

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