Shocking news last week as concerned mother contacted PCP Wales requesting information as to whether the lessons have started yet. This pre-supposed curiosity stems from the behavior displayed by her three-year-old son “stimulating himself sexually” in front of his parents.

“He undressed out of his uniform and sat down and we’ve caught him doing exactly what the new sex education classes are intending to teach our kids,” stated the upset mother on a post in the Public Child Protection Wales’ Facebook page. Many parents who understand what to expect in this brand-new compulsory sex education lessons had concerns that it would sexualize their children, and despite the RSE only coming into force recently, they are already seeing the detrimental impact it is having especially in regards to seeing how it’s sexualizing their children.

The mother further tried to rationalize the experience, “I know he’s a three-year-old boy that’s going to be touching things but this was on another level. Maybe just saying it’s his teacher and they haven’t taught him anything of the kind, it’s just a coincidence that they’re planning on teaching kids all of this and my son comes home doing this.” 

The classes mentioned refer to the new RSE curriculum which recently made its way into classrooms and aims to teach children from the ages of three and up about masturbation, anal sex, transgenderism and the many other factors of sex which, in most parent’s opinion, should not be taught to children.

To answer her question; yes it has made its way into classrooms. PCP Wales attempted to combat this with a judicial review, but this attempt failed which led many to question whether this was due to the judge not wanting to vote against the government. This is why we are meant to have separation of powers and checks and balances, but it seems they are all merging and have began working hand-in-hand.

We have reached out to Kim Isherwood for comment, but as of yet we have not received a response. But if we do in the meantime, we will post a follow up article as an update.