Democracy - What democracy!

Stan Says: on Tuesdays Show we discussed what we thought had happened
With regard to the knife edge vote on further COVID -19 restrictions. When the result came in that Covid passes will be introduced in Wales and will be made mandatory was unbelievable. The Senedd had voted to approve the tyrannical legislation by one vote 28 to 27.

In dramatic scenes, the vote really did come down to the wire after one Conservative MS, Gareth Davies was unable to vote because of IT/technical issues he claims he was experiencing.


The Presiding Officer Elin Jones says she gave Davies every chance and even handed over her personal phone number for him to vote as an alternative.

Gareth Davies MS needs to answer some serious questions and make it crystal clear: WHO INSTEUCTED HIM TO THROW THE VOTE!

Many groups had played their part tireless lobbying to achieve unanimity for all opposition parties were set to vote against the Welsh Government and on those numbers should have won.

From before 2pm demonstrators gathered outside the Senedd during the whole debate and where bitterly disappointed when the news came through

Scottish Shambles
After Scotland rolled out its chaotic vaccine passport scheme last week businesses and events have been up in arms over its inefficiency.

Vaccine passports not only discriminate against the most vulnerable in society but reports are emerging of scams, queues and technology failures leading the First Minister to deliver a rare apology for the ‘deeply regrettable’ problems.

As Scotland and Wales become papers-carrying nations, it seems to me that the case for scrapping these wayward and expensive talking shops is blindingly obvious.

We see our youth doing good work and standing up for our rights and their future. We should be doing the same. 



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