“Justice should not only be done but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”. Lord Chief Justice Hewart’s remarks, uttered nearly 100 years ago are now heard throughout the common law world and beyond. They sustain an ethical requirement that judges and decision-makers more widely cannot hear a case if, from the perspective of a reasonable and informed observer, their impartiality might reasonably appear to be compromised”

But as we all know Gwent Police make up their own rules, their senior officers have been found guilty at a closed-door misconduct hearing of committing very serious offences which amount to gross misconduct leading to them being sacked, but the hearing took place out of the public eye to save embarrassing the force. Gwent Police pretend they stand to protect females but officers in their highest ranks are found guilty of inappropriate touching, inappropriate conversation and dishonesty by lying and trying to hide the evidence. What hope is there for victims of rape and FGM in their area?

In contrast, journalists from Voice of Wales are arrested by Gwent police using false evidence and charged for trial in open court for summary-only offences in an attempt to publicly humiliate and close down the media Company. The case was dismissed when the lies came out in court.

Two very different standards from a very dodgy Police force.


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  1. My God who can we trust. Well we know its not the Politicians now it appears the very people we also pay to protect us.

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