To demonstrate their continued worship of the climate Goddess young Greta, the Cardiff Socialists intend to erect a 30 foot high wall alongside a dual carriage way in Flintshire. This appears to be part of their plan to destroy the Welsh economy by forcing all traffic to travel at a snail’s pace when using roads in the Principality. The only investment they seem interested in are speed reduction schemes, speed reduction cameras and thousands of road humps to deter tourists and businesses from feeling welcome. This is on top of the extra tax for tourists who still want to spend their money in Wales.

Local residents have expressed their views on the proposals “one of the barmiest schemes to have come from the Welsh Government in Cardiff.”

Voice of Wales have continually encouraged Drakeford and his Comrades in the Socialist Coalition to be proud of our Welsh culture and history, to stop importing thousands of illegal immigrants from third world countries into Wales, however, it now appears they have become totally confused and are more comfortable with Chinese culture by trying to replicate the Great Wall of China and using other tactics to further stem travel by English tourists into Wales.

We make no apology for repeating this phrase ‘Drakeford and the Socialist Coalition are a danger to modern day Wales’.


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