For four whole years Covid has plagued every news channel, every YouTube video, every social media post, etc. Relentless fear mongering has made people so scared that everyone wore masks, followed the restrictions to the letter and some even refused to see their loved ones.

Recently, however, it has died down and been replaced with the so-called “monkeypox pandemic”, which was also (unsurprisingly) predicted by Bill Gates. According to an article from the Guardian, “The UK may be entering its third wave of coronavirus this year… as official figures show infections are on the rise again in England and Northern Ireland.” 

Personally, I’ve never worn a mask, never taken a Covid-19 vaccine and never adhered to social distancing. Contrarily, I went to marches in London with hundreds of thousands of other people who didn’t listen to the government either. This begs the question, if this virus was so deadly how come I’ve never fallen ill from it? But a lot of my friends who are double vaccinated have become so ill they’ve just stayed in bed for a couple of days? It really doesn’t add up. 

According to the latest by the ONS, which is primarily government funded (more precisely, the Economic & Social Research Council), alleges that an estimated “707,500 people in England and 27,700 in Northern Ireland would have tested positive for Covid in the week ending 2 June, up from 784,100 and 24,300 respectively in the week before.” Curiously, or not-so-curiously I might say, they neglected to mention how many of those “positive tests” led to hospitalizations or deaths. 

Furthermore, you could also say that a high number of cases doesn’t actually mean anything, and the only reason that the number is relatively high could be said because they are running a tonne more tests, which is the major issue with lateral flow testing. I once saw a quote that I found rather interesting, it said something along the lines of, “the only reason there’s a spike in cases is because more people are getting tested, if they did a load of IQ tests there’d be a spike in morons too.”

Only time will tell if they decide to use this alleged spike in cases, along with the monkeypox “pandemic” in order to try to bring back restrictions and lockdowns. One thing I can say for certain is that Voice of Wales will be there every step of the way to ask those critical questions and report on the news in a truthful manner.

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  1. I also have not had the jab, have never worn a mask and have not had covid-19. My ex friends who proved they were no friends who ostracised me, who took all the jabs, many of which have suffered with covid. Ha ha I am being proved right.



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