With recent events in Afghanistan and Mark Drakeford reminding us all how the Welsh Government want Wales to be a Nation of Sanctuary, we truly believe that this should be a decision made by the Welsh people. We feel that as its the people of Wales who will be funding part of this through taxes, we have a right to decide if this is a decision that is right for the Welsh people. Hold a referendum on Wales being a nation of sanctuary.

Recently, Mark Drakeford tweeted “We want Wales to be a Nation of Sanctuary and we’ll do everything we can to support evacuations from Afghanistan”.

Tweet Link Here – https://twitter.com/fmwales/status/1427656430224613386

There has been many comments how Wales simply doesn’t have the facilities nor financial infrastructure to take in and house people from all over the world. As mentioned, we have our own homelessness, drugs/alcohol and mental health crisis and on top of that, due to Covid the economy is crashing. There is a fair argument that whilst we have our own problems at the scale in which we do, we cannot support any more. For these reasons, we demand a referendum on Wales becoming a nation of sanctuary. This decision should never have been made with no vote from the public. No one was elected on a manifesto or promise to do this.

If you agree with the petion, please sign (link below) and share this far and wide. The petion is open to all UK residents. 

Petition Link – https://petitions.senedd.wales/petitions/244927


  1. Wales can not support these people we have so many homeless people not enough to home our own.also taxpayers should not have to support these people.most people in Wales are struggling to support them selfs and family.without this burden.wales is becoming an absolute shit hole.

  2. No this is madness we have people living on the streets, a housing shortage and a health service on the point of collapse. How will you look after anymore people.

  3. How about Mark Drakeford leaving Wales and living somewhere else more suited for his ideals, say China.
    Wales can then live in peace.

    • Yes that suits us better, drakefords one of the worst things to happen to Wales, who voted for him exactly?


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