Some people have claimed my calculations in this are incorrect without stating what is incorrect. I have replied in the comments giving the simple calculations again. They are 100% correct and they are just a few simple steps of division, addition and multiplication that anyone can follow.

This video was quickly produced in order to help the locals understand a solar farm that is proposed in their area on over 50 acres of land.has a typos one the page where I state that a home uses 2,900 Mwh a year – it should read Kwh a year – same through that page. This does not change any of the results – it is simply a typo mistake caused by rushing the video to help the community.
Whilst it is aimed at a particular proposed solar farm, the developers have acted in the way that all such solar and wind farms do when claiming what power they produce – simply exaggerate what they can do by 500%.

However as the developers in a public consultation could not answer a single question of mine, this video is the first of a series covering all aspects of their proposal including amount of power produced, pollution they cause, etc. It frankly amazes me that in a public meeting not only could they not answer 5 simple questions like how much power can the solar farm provide BUT they did not understand the difference between rate of power Kw and the amount of power Kw Hour.


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