Boris Johnson, a very liberal conservative

Enough is enough. The United Kingdom should not be supporting the evil and wicked regime which is the CCP. We know already how cheap life is to them when they can harvest people’s Organs and the 1000s of Slaves they have on land and sea. BUY BRITISH Should be our resolve.

Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative Party seems to be ignoring the people’s eagerness to break with the globalist agenda of the European Union mainly because of its immigration and trade policies.

Luke de Pulford, a leading organizer of the genocide amendment and a member of Hong Kong Watch, said, “While the Uighurs are forcibly sterilized, their children brainwashed, and tens of thousands enslaved, the UK is bending over backward to secure more Chinese trade. How bad do things have to get before Boris Johnson realizes that this kind of thing enables Xi Jinping’s brutal regime?”

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