The benevolence and humanity of a peaceful religion can be summed up in a name – ‘SALMAN RUSHDIE’ and as Legacy Media skirt round the Elephant in the room – Islam is that beast!

The book Satanic Verses – which I found difficult to read and actually didn’t finish, sums up exactly how freedom of speech, expression and western values work. If you are offended – don’t read it, don’t watch it, don’t listen to it! Why should everyone tiptoe around you because of the backward, death cult you follow?

The West really does need to get a grip and defend our western values which has seen the world advance whilst the Mullahs issue a fatwa, throw homosexuals off a building and stone women to death for the sins often of the men!

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  1. I hope he recovers. Shocking that anyone feels they have the right to take another’s life because they don’t agree with them.


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