When Do We Draw the Line?

Having an open mind in a world where everyone is full of opinions as well as having their own firm believes is a difficult one.

Especially, when we believe what’s right or wrong with so much conviction that it prevents us from seeing the bigger picture; restricting our growth and preventing us from what we may call walking in someone else’s shoes.”

Short term – there are those who believe that it’s not much to ask to:

  • Wear a mask
  • Keep your distance
  • Be respectful
  • I’m thinking of you and not me
  • Show your pass is ‘me’ doing my duty, and you should do yours!

But for others it’s a huge ask when a large percentage can clearly see that we’re walking eyes wide open into tyranny that’s only going to get worse.

Those who have taken the vaccine may feel it was a mistake, or maybe they don’t; it can be compared to a toxic relationship of whom many have committed themselves to having either the first, second vaccine, or the booster, and because they’ve invested two years of their lives on and in this toxic relationship, walking away will be far worse. It will mean admitting they were wrong, and they were lied to, so they’ll rather continue with government guidelines and keep to the narrative.

If by some miracle, of which I’m sure there are many who have complied and are now drawing a line, it shows that they are taking back their power of self-respect and being a sovereign being; who we naturally all are.

We all learn late in life that when we don’t look after ourselves, no one else will, but our Governments has miraculously made every single person believe that everything we do, we do for others, because it’s selfish to do otherwise.

We’ve grown up our entire lives thinking of others, being there for others and neglecting ourselves and that’s when we are left depleted, tired, and hungry for everything life has to offer but we have deprived ourselves of it.

It’s not selfish to say: I like to breath fresh air, I like to hug a loved one, while remaining respectful of those who fear the opposite and walk the line.

If all those who are complying don’t see the light soon, what they believe is “not much to ask,” will turn into accepting more unacceptable behaviour, overstepping boundaries and allowing them to become trapped in a hell-hole where there is no fire escape.