When interviewed, A union representative admitted that an agreed wage increase of 3.3% would be back-paid for their work during lockdown, despite this they are asking for another increase of 7% minimum (with back-pay). Bear in mind that by the last quarter of 2022, the inflation rate is expected to exceed 10% and as off earlier today, we hit a 40-year record high of 9.1%. Does this mean that the Union workers are going to be out on strike again in a couple of months?

Personally, I agree with their stance on job losses, but as our economy is in a severe state of decay, I wanted to find out whether the union official interviewed thought this was the right time to be striking.

We’re all in the same boat together, and across the board National Rail already pays them above the national average. My job as a Journalist has always been to ask the tough questions, despite whether I agree with the message or not, in light of this, labour and the rest of the Socialist Squad were also there in support of the strikers, so to use the fact the two labour supporters were surprisingly unaware of who Voice of Wales were to my advantage, I decided to give them an interview as well.


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