On Saturday, there were a number of events held in Cardiff City Centre. The first was an outreach event organised by Banners on Bridges and Students against Tyranny. The focus was on raising awareness about victims of the Covid-19 vaccine.

It was a peaceful event but one member of the public was clearly angered by the group’s presence and was quite abusive. One member of the group, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that the man claimed to be a scientist and we should “trust the science”. He shouted insults and then carried on his way down Queen Street with his wife and two children.

There was an RSE demo further down the street near the castle and it later emerged that this same individual made his presence known there too, he grabbed the microphone from one of the speakers and proceeded to declare that “RSE is absolutely fine”. He also took a bunch of leaflets and proceeded to rip them up and throw them on the ground in front of his young daughter. Luckily, his encounter with the PCP Wales lot was caught on camera (we have placed the video at the bottom of the page).

We can now confirm that the angry man was Jon Shimmin, a local Lib Dem councillor for Penylan in Cardiff.

Not only that, he is also a school governor.

We remind you that the Welsh Government have recently been taken to court over the RSE curriculum as it is pushing gender ideology on very young children and there is currently no parental opt out.

The question must be asked, why is this councillor promoting RSE given that in his position as a school governor he would have access to the full content?

As a public servant and as a parent, his behaviour and actions on Saturday were extremely inappropriate and should be investigated.

We have no doubt that there will be many complaints lodged regarding this incident.



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  1. His behaviour was appalling and definitely needs investigating. His poor child he has a hidden agenda to why he spoke up and tried to take over. Extremely worrying if he’s a councillor!

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