Journalists ON TRIAL in Wales

Next week see’s the start of another dark week in the Peoples Socialist Republic Of Wales.  Starting on the 10th August, Voice Of Wales journalists are due to appear in Newport Crown court in a show trial lasting three days.

To give you a background on the case, back in January, Voice Of Wales were made aware of a group of people intending to serve papers on a vaccine centre in Cwmbran to raise concern about the dangerous side affects of the vaccine, they wanted Police to attend with them to facilitate a peaceful protest. This was the first vaccine centre in Wales where this was taking place and Voice Of Wales were invited to go along at short notice to report.

On the day the group tried to contact the police,  making repeated phone calls to notify them of their intentions. Police told the protestors they would not attend. The three protestors filmed by VOW reporters proceeded to the Vaccine centre to ‘Serve the papers’. The group were calm, peaceful and causing no problems to the staff on the day. The staff phoned police who then arrived and again, this was very calm with no aggression.

This all changed upon the arrival of the Chief Inspector Martin Smith. Chief Inspector Smith arrived and completely escalated the situation with a rather unprofessional and hostile attitude. When the protestors explained why they were serving papers the Chief Inspector was very rude he insulted them  calling their protest ‘bunkum’ Instead of remaining impartial he took a political stance. He invited the group to move from the doorway and to “Stand in the designated protest area” pointing to an area approximately 6 meters away from the door. He then instructed the police officers to escort the group to this area,  all bar one of the group immediately complied and moved.  The Chief Inspector hearing the objections from one protestor now became hysterical and within less than a minute he gave contradictory orders to his staff and ordered the arrest of the whole group, including the Journalists of Voice Of Wales.

Dan & Stan were held in custody for 32 hours, during their time in custody, Gwent Police used documents found on the group to further arrest Dan & Stan on fraud charges. Using these charges they then executed search warrants at the home addresses of Dan & Stan  seizing any of the Voice Of Wales equipment they could find. This included 4 Cameras, Tripods, Microphones, phones, and vehicles.

Following the release of Dan & Stan, they were handed draconian bail conditions that restricted their personal life and ability to travel and work. After seeking urgent legal advice, the condition that Dan & Stan were “not to associate” was changed to “Not to work together” and after more advice all conditions were dropped.

Voice Of Wales have been building their case for 8 months now and between us, solicitors, barristers and an ex Police Inspector of 30 years, we are confident that the CPS/Police will not be able to prove the flimsy case against us.  Voice Of Wales are confident that this is nothing more than a show trial. We believe this is a politically motivated case with the intention to discredit Voice Of Wales by the Communist Coalition ruling from Cardiff. They are angry we dared to question legislation and policies they are pushing though with no public consultation. These include 16 year olds and foreign nationals given the right to vote, Wales becoming a nation of sanctuary, mandatory sex education for all children from age 3, political policing and much more.

It is unbelievable that we are living in times where the journalist is arrested, charged and put before a judge for daring to report. Alternative media is growing ever more popular because more and more people are getting fed up with the biased mainstream media pumping out constant propaganda, forcing people to accept their idea of the new normal. People are getting fed up with journalists toeing the party line and only printing what the government tells them. People are getting fed up with a political police force, and people are getting fed up with the forced indoctrination of our children.

Voice of Wales was established to fill a gap in media coverage in Wales, and we are proud to say we are not puppets controlled by the Senedd. We cover all topics to raise awareness amongst our Communities. We will not be intimidated or bullied into submission, and recent events have made us even more determined to work harder.

We thank you for your fantastic support.


  1. Wales is truly in the grips of some 1984 role play. I had the pleasure of 2 of the South Wales anti terror squad visiting me to, as they put it, check my thinking.
    They had concerns about something i had reposted on VK, I haven’t been on VK for over a year. They really are working hard to find things to attack you for.
    Good luck with your case, I hope you get the right outcome.

  2. Pob lwc chaps

  3. the whole thing sounds ridiculous! thinking of you guys! you were mentioned on


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