Celebrity breaking news magazine, The Blast  reports that the decision was partially made because Trevor Noah is hosting the awards ceremony, and they “worry about the two men’s interactions during the show.”

When you want to expose the dirty little secrets of the Elite, they will silence you.

Who’s the Elite? To name a few: The Rockefellers, BlackRock and J.P Morgan Chase, and George Soros and the likes of Carl Schwab who wrote books on Covid-19: The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It’s all in plain sight but they don’t want it advertised. If we knew at the start of Covid where this was going, would you have still complied?

If you have a free-thinking mind and dare to question, we, the few, are portrayed as the conspiracy theorists, the rebels who is out of order and have “issues,” or that’s what the media will tell you.  

When millions of people follow an individual such as Kanya, you have power and the influence to change minds, and can therefore be a God; Apollo, Zeus or even the Messiah himself. They all had power and influence, didn’t they?

The only thing that has changed is time itself. A new era with new “Gods”. And fame comes with a price along with a handler as they’ll never be allowed to be given free reign to do and say as they please. See Lindsey Lohan’s handler keeping her in check.

The Media blamed Kanye for having a “mental Illness” condition, after becoming vocal on stage and it was reported that he has Bipolar. He never held back expressing himself, but the media silenced him through portraying him as an unstable person, so if he dares speak out, the public will think him a crazy celebrity who have gone off the rails.  He is controlled; he has money but can’t spend it. He has children he can’t see them due to Kim Kardashian, his wife, fear for the children’s safety.

The elite will do everything in their power to control you, censor you and make your life a living hell. We are all slaves in society, but do we realise to what extent?

Kanye says: “we’re living in the goddamn upside down, because I just can’t think of a better explanation for the shit show that is unfolding before our very eyes.”

You can see him on stage and can hear him proclaim that the Radio, Facebook, Google, and the media is “lying to you.” He knew he was risking his career and his life changing forever through speaking up, but he did it anyway.

When we see something that is wrong, we must play our part to fix what is broken, especially those in power. Instead of rising through the ranks and being afraid to speak out and becoming part of the power, the problem.

Watch: Kanye ‘Get Out’ West – Behind the Meltdown.


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