Political parties have accused the Labour Welsh Government based in Cardiff Bay of failing North Wales. It comes as a typical unannounced inspection of the A&E sector of Glan Clwyd Hospital way back in March found “a number of such concerns, with vulnerable and severely ill patients left unchecked for hours at a time, and vital risk assessments missed,” 

Such concerns included the fact that the hospital lost track of where an in critical-condition A&E patient was, despite the fact the patient possibly required surgery, this unfortunately led to the patient passing away.

Another instance was a child’s unnoticed absence, even though they were supposed to be on suicide watch after attempting to kill themselves.

The damning report which can be found here, details many wrongdoings and worrying stories of negligence from within the hospital.

Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, who oversees most hospitals in North Wales, was placed in “special measures” in 2015, but was subsequently removed in 2020, with many labelling the decision as “premature” and a “major mistake”.

Darren Miller MS for the Welsh Conservatives said, “Once again, the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay is failing the people of North Wales.” and commented further on the situation by stating, “It is becoming ever more evident that Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board was only taken out of special measures ahead of the Senedd Elections for purely political reasons. It is unbelievable that Labour are focusing their efforts on expanding the Senedd rather than address the issues facing the NHS, especially in North Wales.” 


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