One thing I find most strange is that for two years we weren’t allowed to see loved ones. People couldn’t go visit their dying Mum in the hospital due to Covid regulations. However, you can now let a Ukrainian live with you under the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme, plus in Wales we have the ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ plan, which enables the Labour Government to let economic migrants enter this country uncontested, despite the fact that economic migrants are not refugees,  heavily highlighted by the Rwanda deal. Refugees are asylum seekers fleeing conflict and so have been given sanctuary with refugee status, whereas, economic migrants are people who enter a country for economic reasons, rather than to flee actual conflict. It is very important that we differentiate between the two. The Welsh Government actually set up a website which allows potential “Asylum Seekers”, “Refugees”, or Ukranians to find housing, education, legal support, etc.

Furthermore, the free NHS care for Ukranians is old news since it was revealed last March. It even states this on the NHS website, “All Ukranians arriving in Wales will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services and access to urgent care. Ukranians coming to the UK will also be offered free COVID-19 vaccines and public health screening.” 

The new scheme which will give Ukranians free bus and train travel advice across Wales, was officially published on the 9th May and to become eligible, all you need to do is provide a letter or email stating you have been granted refugee status / humanitarian protection, leaving the system vulnerable to being abused and to put it lightly, fraud. This scheme will run for 6 months, ending September 30th unless extended.

Voice of Wales exposed that Afghan refugees were going to be housed in the Dragon Hotel in Swansea well before any official announcement of their arrival was made. This was  immediately stopped and we were told the hotel was closed for three months for repairs.  However after running an independent investigation into it, we completely shut this down as a myth. We then received a tip that the Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff was being paid £1 million a year to house Afghan refugees, possibly as a replacement to the Dragon Hotel.  Again we reported on this before any official announcement was made by our elected representatives.

It has been made abundantly clear, by not telling us, nor asking permission from the people who elected them, that they do not represent us, the people, but instead their own private interests and personal agendas. Although it was not Ukraine refugees being housed in both these incidents, the principle still applies. All videos with regards to those topics are displayed below.

We currently have an inflation rate of 8.3%, with it estimated to reach 10% by the last quarter of 2022, an unemployment rate of 3.8%, with 227,000 people sleeping on the streets, and with an ever-growing cost of living crisis, do we really have the resources to be housing more and more refugees and giving them access to free services that our own citizens don’t even have access to (i.e. bus travel and NHS care with no job)? 

Remember, Charity Starts at home.



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