Despite the fact the Labour Party describes itself as the party of equality, a group of Labour women were denied an exhibition stall at the annual Labour conference in Liverpool last week.

Eventually in order to attend, they had to keep their location a secret until just before it started as well as having to hire security.

These dangerous women are the Labour Women’s Declaration. They are a group of gender-critical women who believe that biological sex cannot be replaced with self-declared gender identity!

They surprisingly believe that women have the right to access single-sex sports, spaces and services such as prisons and refuges for domestic abuse.

They are, again, very concerned about schools and charities who teach non-conforming young children that there are puberty blocking drugs and that they may be born in the wrong body.

Despite being clear that they feel it’s important to have legal protections against discrimination of trans people, they continue to be bullied within their own party. Other groups such as LGBT+ Labour were granted a stand in the exhibition.

Organisations have bowed to heavy pressure from LGBT+ campaigners to allow access to female only spaces by anyone who identifies as a woman.

Many who follow another feminist charity FiLiA (Building Sisterhood and Solidarity, Amplifying the Voices of Women, Defending Women’s Human Rights) have been asked to justify why they follow it. Some have even been disciplined.

By not addressing this issue, Kier Starmer has sent a loud message to gender critical women. “You are not welcome in our party”.

It seems research has found that the average member of the public is broadly in agreement with these gender-critical women. They also have concerns about medical treatment for children.

There should be a calm conversation about balancing and respecting the dignity and human rights for everyone. Sadly the average person is not being given the opportunity.


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