Saturday the 25th of February 2023 should go down in history as a sad day for British Politics for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is that it was the day when a leader of a political party was physically assaulted by a man with a Samurai sword whilst out canvassing for up and coming elections. The second reason is this will not be given the publicity it deserves by our mainstream media.

Paul Golding, Leader of Britain First and a large team of activists were out on the campaign trail in Dartford. They were able to get a few hours in canvassing the area before the incident took place.

In a recent video uploaded to social media Paul explains the following. Paul knocked at a particular door at the end of a cul-de-sac, at first it seemed that no on was in, but as he was walking away from the property, someone shouted at him, Paul turned around and a black man approached him and started off by pushing him, then punched him and ran back inside his house. Moments later, the man came back out holding a Samurai Sword. Paul was joined by his activist team along with voluntary security BFD (Britain First Defence) and within 10 minutes the police had arrived. The house was sealed off and more Police arrived, they “very cautiously” approached the house. After approximately 15 minutes, the police came out with the Black male in hand cuffs, placed him in a police car and drove off.

Paul has passed all footage over to the police and provided all information requested. Paul has said this hasn’t unsettled any of the Britain First activists who he described as British Lions.

This violent incident shows the dangers caused by the lies pumped out by the left wing extremists, mainstream media & politicians regarding any political groups or parties who dare to be a touch right of far left.

The narrative painted by these people is what actually stirs up hatred and violence. Whilst some people may not agree with Britain Firsts policies, everyone from all sides of the political spectrum should be united in condemning what happened in Dartford.

Voice of Wales contacted Paul with a few questions and for a comment. We wanted to know what the reception was like in the area leading up to the incident, what went through Paul’s head mind when he saw the sword, what affect, if any has this had on him & his activists and how much mainstream media interest has he had regarding this. This is what he had to say…

1. What was your reception like before the incident

“Britain First is standing in a number of target wards for the upcoming local elections in Dartford, on the outskirts of South East London. So far, at least 50-60% of the doors we are knocking on are supportive. Generally speaking, most ordinary working-class voters are angry and dismayed at the high levels of mass immigration in this country. Before the attack in question, our activists were enjoying knocking on doors due to the high level of support on the doorstep. Finding supportive voters answering doors boosts morale significantly. Canvassing can be daunting at the best of times, but the level of support for our message is very heartening.”

2. On our side of the fence, we are always prepared for a little bit of shouting, name calling and sometimes even violence against us. considering all this, how surprised were you when he came out with a sword

“While I have personally been attacked many times, and received death threat warnings from the police, and even been the target of ISIS-supporting terrorists who plotted to behead me, I have never experienced a sword or machete on the doorstep, especially in a reasonably nice area like Dartford. My immediate concern was for the safety of our activists, especially the women activists. Thankfully, we have a very brave and efficient security team on duty at all times, and they mitigated any escalation of the incident. It turns out that, while being arrested, the black attacker in question was calling the police ‘racists’ too, which indicates that he was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ type. ‘Katana’ samurai swords are illegal in the UK, so the black attacker is facing a whole multitude of charges, including assault, making death threats and offensive weapons. Thankfully, these types of potentially deadly incidents are very, very rare. We are making great efforts to improve our security systems in response to this incident.”

3. What, if any, affect has this had on you and your party

“Not much to be fair, as we are well versed and very experienced in dealing with aggressive hostility and opposition. My own political career spans over 23 years now, so I have seen everything, from huge mob violence to silent, insidious terrorism directed at me. If anything, it has galvanised our activists and supporters who are very brave and defiant British bulldog types. We will not be deterred or derailed ever, and will not be intimidated under any circumstances. Britain First has always been a tough movement that will not be shoved around or bullied. Hopefully this particular miscreant gets a long, tough prison sentence. But, even though he brandished an illegal sword, he will probably get a slap on the wrist. He has already been released with no bail conditions, which is incredible, given the extreme circumstances. The police have consistently been quite clear in their messaging to me, and Britain First: Challenge the Establishment and you are on your own. I was punched in the face by a Muslim on camera in Luton, no charges. I was attacked in my own prison cell by a bearded Islamist prison gang, all caught on CCTV, no charges. The Establishment will not provide any protection to me or Britain First, hence why we have our own security department.”

The level of violence towards anyone slightly right of far left is on he rise and this is always caused by a small number of extremists. The problem then lies with the justice system, media & politicians for simply allowing this to happen. The justice system says things like “You should be proud” and “It’s been an honour dealing with you” to domestic terrorists. (judges comments in court when dealing with Stop Oil Protestors) The Politicians not only fail to condemn these people and actions but they often endorse them and the mainstream media stay silent”.

Another big contributing factor is the extremists on the left and the lies they are allowed to print. Recently ‘Hate not Hope’s’ annual review was released.

In their warped review they list and give details of every person with a platform calling out any of the Government failings, and any persons who disagree with left wing woke policies. Whether its over the immigration crisis or 15 minute cites, all these people are branded “Far Right”. These groups are then targeted by the Police and Security services. The opinions of ‘Hope not Hate’ are seen as the truth and never challenged by the weak minded politicians or other authorities.

The level of violence towards anyone slightly right of a far left stance has increased. We have all witnessed their normal strategy to attempt to shut down free speech by labeling opponents with false titles such as ‘Racist’ or ‘Facist’. But we are now also seeing left wing hate groups and extremists who are prepared to use physical violence, similar to the extremist antifa attacks that have taken place in America.

The problem is exacerbated by the justice system, media & politicians for allowing this to happen. The Politicians not only fail to condemn these people and their actions, but they often endorse them and the mainstream media stay silent.

We are on a very slippery slope , what happens when a large percentage of the UK voters feel that the system is broken beyond repair and they have no-one to represent them in the democratic system?

Our current dismal choice in the Old political system is:

The Fake open border Tory Party who have been Green/Liberals since 2010

Or The other Socialist Parties..Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Communist Party, and Socialist pro-EU Welsh and Scottish Nationalist Parties.

The voters in the UK are disillusioned and desperate for reform and an alternative to Globalist left-wing net zero policies. There is an urgent need for fresh Political Parties that offer new ideas and solutions to reset our failing democratic system which is in a state of crisis.


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