New Zealand need to be ashamed and so does the world.

​​​​Kellie-Jay Keen who goes by ‘Posie Parker’ flees New Zealand after she was pelted with eggs and doused in tomato soup following her chaotic tour of Australia.

Keen was forced to cut her ‘Let Women Speak’ tour short following the incident at Albert Park, in Auckland’s CBD, on Saturday.

One of 2,000 counter-protesters, in support of trans people, ran towards Ms Keen and poured a bottle of tomato soup on her head as she was on stage preparing to address the crowd. 

Ms Keen had to be taken to a police station following the shameful attack where she told officers she feared for her life.

“The end result was that I spent most of my day with the protection of police who genuinely believed I was lucky to be alive. The advice was that I should go home. I don’t even believe they believe it, they just say it because they cannot accept a woman walking her own path and wants other women to find their feet and walk theirs.”

Posie said it may have appeared she had ‘lost a battle today’ but promised “we will win this f***ing war. ‘The powerful are seeking to silence us, we must continue to speak,’ she wrote.”

Merchandise to support the cause is seen to be sold on her website –

“They are afraid of us. So much love to the women of New Zealand, we see you. The world is talking about you. My security saved my life today, no words can express my gratitude.”

Footage showed the controversial activist struggling to get through the crowd to escape with her security.

“A long campaign to assassinate my character, started by a group of jealous spiteful women in the UK, that I had ambitions besides stopping the mutilation of children and the erasure of women’s rights,” she wrote.

​​The anti-trans activist attempted to speak but she was consistently drowned out by screams and chants of ‘go home’ while counter-protesters held boards that read ‘trans pride’ and ‘real feminists support ALL women’.

Another sign read “Protect trans lives.”

Liberal candidate Katherine Deves shared a video of the carnage to her Twitter, saying she was ‘utterly appalled’ by the crowds.

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  1. Completely shocking that free speech is attacked.

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