As the cost of living crisis continues to cause misery all over the UK and beyond, some of the energy giants have recently announced huge profits.

British Gas (Centrica) – £3.3bn

Shell – £32.2bn

EDF – £1.12bn

EON – £3bn
These figures are obscene and an absolute slap in the face to all those struggling with exorbitant bills. Gas prices in the UK rose by 129.4% and electricity prices by 66.7% in the 12 months to January 2023.

Many energy companies have been breaking into people’s homes using dubious warrants and fitting pre-pay meters against their will. These bullying tactics have recently been slammed by Ofcom and an investigation is currently underway.

I personally have many contacts who have suffered at the hands of these companies. One lady was away last summer and returned to find that they had broken into her home and fitted a pre-pay electricity meter. The credit had ran out and she was faced with a defrosted freezer and rotten food on her return.

They will use any means necessary to gain access such as drilling locks, picking locks and even helping themselves to the use of customer’s toilets whilst there. They arrive armed with locksmiths, dog handlers and some are even assisted by the police which is a whole other can of worms which I will touch on another day.

What many people are not aware of, however, is that these so-called energy providers do not provide
energy. They merely provide a meter and billing. This is why it’s so easy to switch companies because
there is no change to your supply. The National Grid transport your energy and these energy providers
are nothing short of fraudsters.

Many people have decided to fight back and have their own meters installed, thus bypassing the need
for a billing company. There are several groups on Telegram who have achieved much success going down this route and it could well be one of the reasons the billing companies are increasing their efforts to force pre-pay meters.


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