Mark Drakeford, Hypocrite and Chief.

Mark Drakeford is to break Labour Party boycott of the Qatar world cup and will travel to support Wales.

The First Minister of Wales along with two cabinet members will travel to support Wales in the coming World Cup. This following Labour’s boycott of the tournament in protest at the deaths of thousands of migrant workers and the criminalisation of homosexuality.

For me, the fact he is breaking the boycott isn’t the biggest story. Mark Drakeford was very proactive when Black Lives Matter hit the UK. Mr Drakeford instantly called for an audit of all statues, streets and building names. Link here

During his knee jerk reaction, one decision he made was to remove the statue of Sir Thomas Picton from the Cardiff Hall For Heros. Hailed as a hero of the Battle of Waterloo and the Napoleonic Wars, Pembrokeshire-born Picton was commemorated with the statue in 1916. This statue was firstly boxed up and then it was removed.

Back in September 2020 We put a freedom of information request to see how many complaints had been logged in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 with the welsh government and zero had been made.

Voice Of Wales wonders why Mark Drakeford was so quick to back Black Lives Matter and stand against slavery from 200 years ago yet he is more than happy to travel to Qatar where at least 6,500 modern day slaves died. Data from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka revealed there were 5,927 deaths of migrant workers in the period 2011–2020. Separately, data from Pakistan’s embassy in Qatar reported a further 824 deaths of Pakistani workers, between 2010 and 2020.

Link here.

It would appear Mark Drakeford is your typical champagne socialist. We all must pay the price and repent for something that happened 200 years ago whilst he happily flouts his party rules and his “morals”.


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