Mass-Formation is also similar to mass-hypnosis in terms of people’s willingness to put up with things normally intolerable.

Mass Formation Psychosis is a term now being heavily censored by Google.

In recent appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast, Both Dr Malone and Dr Mercola referred to this term to describe the insanity we are currently experiencing.

Following their appearances on the show, many tried to search the term on Google only to discover the following statement

It looks like these results are changing quickly. If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time to be added by reliable sources.

So desperate were they to censor the term, it was later branded as, far right buzz words used by anti vaxers.

Dr Mattias Desmet, a psychologist and a statistician from the university of Ghent, Belgium, developed the term, Mass formation Psychosis.

According to Dr Desmet, in order for mass formation psychosis to flourish, a population de couples itself, social bonds are fragmented, feeling unconnected to each other. Everything feels overwhelming.

When society is focused on one thing and exposed to relentless propaganda, nothing makes sense, Anxiety, discontent, uncertainty, fear, isolation, desperation follows. The media entirely focused on one subject constantly. People lose the ability to think logically and rationally.

Dissenting voices contrary to the narrative are attacked, silenced and vilified. Branded as conspiracy theorists, covid deniers.

The obvious example of mass formation is Germany in the 1930s and 40s. How could the German people who were highly educated, very liberal in the classic sense; western thinking people… how could they go so crazy and do what they did to the Jews? How could this happen?

To a civilized people?  A leader of a mass formation movement will use the platform to continue to pump the group with new information to focus on.  In the case of COVID-19, I like to use the term “fear porn.”  Leaders, through mainstream media and government channels continuously feed the “beast” with more messaging that focuses and further hypnotises their adherents. Quoted by Dr Malone.

In Order for Mass Formation Psychosis to thrive, these situations must have a common enemy. In 1930s Germany it was the jews, homosexuals and any other undesirables. Today, its Covid 19.

The masses are in such a hypnotic state, dazed and confused by constant propaganda, devoid of critical thought. Facts, evidence, information and truth no longer matter.  Leaders then step in to seize the moment offering solutions. Problem, reaction, solution.

Studies suggest that mass formation follows a general distribution:

30% are brainwashed, hypnotized, indoctrinated by the group narrative

40% in the middle are persuadable and may follow if no worthy alternative is perceived

30% fight against the narrative.

Those that rebel and fight against the narrative, become the enemy of the brainwashed and a primary target of aggression.

“One of the best ways to counter mass formation is for those against the narrative to continue to speak out against it, which serves to help break the hypnosis of some in the brainwashed group as well as persuade the persuadable middle to choose reason over mindlessness.” Quoted by Dr Robert Malone.

Dr Desmet suggests that for something as big as COVID-19, the only way to break the mass formation psychosis is to give the crowd something bigger to focus on.  He believes that totalitarianism maybe that bigger issue.  Of course, after COVID-19, global totalitarianism may be the biggest issue of our time.

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