“To serve and protect” is an oath pledged by many officer. After all, that is their duty. But what happens when they betray the trust of the public? When they abuse the trust of the people they swore to protect? Sadly in many cases, nothing. Not unless it’s a crime that is seen as “racially motivated.” Well, fortunately in this instance a police officer was caught and is being charged for his horrific crime.

A current-serving member of the Metropolitan Police Force, PC Hussain Chehab, has been charged after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with an underage girl and twelve other crimes, most including taking indecent images of underage children.

Last Tuesday, PC Hussain Chehab was charged for allegedly committing thirteen counts of crimes against children. He was arrested in July of last year.

The list of offences, including sex with a 13 to 15 year old girl and possession of indecent images of underage children, were all alleged to have been committed between 2019 and 2021 while he was still serving as a police officer, when he was expected to protect members of the public.

The head of the North Area Command Unit, DCS Caroline Haines released a statement regarding the allegations, “we recognize that this news will cause concern within the community and we have fully engaged with our local partners throughout this investigation. The Met has announced a comprehensive review of its standards as part of a genuine commitment to rebuild trust but I understand that developments such as this undermine that work. We would encourage anyone who has concerns about the actions of any of our officers to report them to us immediately.”

How can the public truly trust the police are investigating grooming gangs when officers are arrested for crimes such as these and that seven out of ten Met Police officers failed to make a single arrest last year alone. No wonder our streets have become as crime ridden as they have.