A recent claim made by those responsible for smuggling migrants across the English Channel is that they improve safety of those being smuggled by alerting the authorities (the UK police) that they are on their way and ask to be picked up by the Border Force.

In a TikTok post, where they promote their illegal services, they claim the journeys will be “safe” as they give an advance notice ahead-of-time to the UK government/UK Border Force.

However, government sources condemned the tactics utilized by the smugglers as “dangerous” stating, “it doesn’t make it any safer”. Regardless whether it makes the journey any safer, the government has just admitted that they are complicit in helping the smugglers break the law. Many concerned anti-illegal activists have called this newly found fact to be “tragic”. “It would be better to send them back to where they came from in order to discourage the continued abuse of our immigration system and instead we should advise them that if they want to enter the UK they need to apply for refugee status through the official channels”

The UK Border Force define themselves as “law enforcement command within the Home Office. [They] secure the UK border by carrying out immigration and customs control for people.” Immigration control? They are funded by the taxpayer but instead of stopping illegal immigration they encourage it by ‘picking them up’ and taking them to the shore. 

I’ll maintain the fact that anyone who is pro-illegal immigration, despite whether they brand themselves as ‘pro-refugee’, is actually anti-immigration. Illegal migrants ruin it for people who became a registered immigrant through the official channels; by applying for a visa and turning up at court.

Nearly 30,000 illegals have crossed the channel this year according to statistic from the ONS, thus I pose one question; when will it end?

We reached out to the Home Office for comment, but they have yet to respond.