The War Could Have Been Lost!

My Enemies Enemy is my Friend!

A relative questioned me about Marxism and Fascism and did I actually know the difference?

Simple I supported General Franco in Spain and his opposition to Hitler and Stalin which ultimately saved the whole of Western Europe from serfdom under Socialism of Hitler & Stalin who had signed a Non Aggression Pact and who both admired each other along with other Socialists like Karl Marks. Socialist historians have erased the fact that Hitler was a member of the Freier Arbeiterausschuss für einen guten Frieden (Free Workers’ Committee for a Good Peace after WWI. A Socialist Organisation!

Britain’s most important overseas naval and air base at the time was the fortress of Gibraltar. It sits on a peninsula in Southern Spain and controls the Straight of Gibraltar.

The Straight of Gibraltar is the only passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the Nazis could have cut the British off from the Mediterranean. As a result, the British would have had a impossible time supporting our armies in North Africa and the Middle East possibly unable to open up a second front at all with Germany having all the Oil it wanted, Malta and Cyprus and Gibraltar would have all fallen within weeks.

The Generalissimo’s betrayal of Hitler vindicates American, British, and French leaders who refused to intervene in Spain on the side of the Republic. Had Roosevelt and Chamberlain listened to ‘The Lefties’ who demanded that America and Britain help the Spanish Republic they could have handed Gibraltar the Mediterranean and ultimately the war to Hitler and Stalin and ultimately, we would have lost the war.

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