Bodily autonomy is a fundamental Human Right

The so-called envy of the world, is about to sack, the hardworking, dedicated staff who treated patients throughout the last two years. Those who have not had the experimental vaccine will be dismissed unless they have taken the first dose, administered by the 3rd of February.

Six percent of the workforce, 80,000 are currently unvaccinated. Dismissal notices will be issued to those who choose bodily autonomy over an experimental, forced medical intervention. Porters, receptionists, nurses, doctors, cleaners face the sack with no redundancy payments.

The NHS has currently 100,00 vacancies for nursing staff alone. The Royal college of nursing and the Royal college of midwives stated that this could have a devastating effect on services and patient safety.

This is coercion, informed consent must be obtained for any medical procedure. NHS staff are being coerced into taking a forced medical intervention or will loose their job. This makes consent, null and void.

Who is liable for any adverse reactions?
Does the NHS insurance indemnify against such interventions?

Many thousands of staff have been treating patients for the last two years without a vaccine. The vaccine does not stop transmission of Covid and the vaccinated are still able to be infected. Many NHS staff will have obtained anti bodies and have acquired natural immunity.

Staff are feeling bullied, intimidated, pressured, forced and shamed into having an unwanted medical intervention. Many medical students have been denied placements and will be dismissed, unable to complete their course due to medical tyranny.

It is unethical and coercive for a government to dictate what goes into someone’s body, it’s a violation of voluntary consent.  

The delivered 360,00 signatures to 10 Downing street on Monday, calling an end to vaccine passports and vaccine mandates.

No Vaccine Mandates Campaign Start Date: 03/01 /2022