In recent news, we have heard that Keir Starmer is offering to resign early if he is amongst those being sanctioned or fined, along with the other politicians, due to the parties at Downing Street and Whitehall.  Those very same politicians who were forcing us to be locked inside our homes. We should be questioning why these politicians weren’t scared of this so-called “deadly virus” all the while telling us to be, and shoving it down our throats. But what spikes my curiosity even more, is that while Boris Johnson and Beer Starmer are potentially resigning, with many others facing penalty notices, Mark Drakeford is still our health minister, despite a video being leaked showing him dancing at a Diwali party with no mask, during the “height” of the terrifying pandemic. In fact, the Welsh Government defended it. It seems all the politicians who were telling you to be scared, to stay inside your homes, to not visit loved ones, to get vaccinated and to always wear a mask, weren’t listening to their own advice. Just ask yourself why that is? Why when they were making TV appearances every day and fear mongering were they not scared to have crowded parties?

The new investigation being run by the Metropolitan Police, dubbed Operation Hillman, last Thursday recommended roughly 100 separate FPNs (Fixed Penalty Notices) be served. Downing Street has stated that neither Boris Johnson, nor cabinet secretary Simon Case, will be amongst those issued with these FPNs since Boris has already been “punished” last month as a consequence of the birthday party held at No. 10 in June 2020. The reason I put “punished” inside quotation marks is because he only received a fixed penalty notice of £50. Bear in mind that Boris Johnson’s annual salary is £161,401.  £81,932 is his salary as a Member of Parliament with £79,496 added for his role as Prime Minister.

In addition, according to Celebrity Network, the Prime Minister currently has a net worth of around £2 million. This FPN of just £50, as agreed by many, is an absolute joke. Especially when you realise that over 100,000 fines were handed out during the lockdowns to people who “broke lockdown restrictions”, with many of those fines costing working-class citizens upwards of £10,000.

Many people we’ve spoken to have told us they believe “politicians and lawmakers should be held to a higher standard”. Especially if those politicians or lawmakers are the ones who are actually making the rules they expect us to abide by, but then don’t themselves.  We’ve been seeing this ‘one rule for thee but not for me’ nonsense for ages but they never seem to be properly punished. Is that fair?


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