Farage Asks Where’s The MSM? As Over 800 More Boat Migrants Land in Britain

Stan Says: Voice of Wales welcomes the intervention of Nigel Farage who like V.o.W asks Where’s The MSM?

Between Saturday and Monday, 806 illegal migrants successfully reached the UK after traversing the Channel in small boats from France, with 410 on Saturday, 102 on Sunday, and a further 294 migrants on Monday.

This is the first staging post before their onward travel to places like Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, and Wrexham. It’s outrageous that Illegal immigrants can jump the housing queue and be aided and abetted by Labour, Pliad and Yes Cymru.

Farage says: “the truth is coming out” after a report claimed that the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) was neglecting its stated mission of rescue work because it’s too busy ferrying illegal boat migrants ashore in the English Channel.

V.o.W reported live from Dover earlier the year to see hundreds of young healthy men enter our borders.

This year alone we have seen a staggering 9,300 enter our channel and shows no signs of slowing down, despite constant promises of a crackdown from the government.

Voice of Wales

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  1. For some reason the Tories show no urgency in removing migrants or at least removing incentives that are attracting these illegal queue jumpers. The question is why?


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