It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; the level of political policing we’re seeing in this day and age, I mean police are seen celebrating at pride parades, wrapping their vehicles in the LGBT+ colours, taking the knee for BLM, giving the Drag Queens an official police escort at the story hour, etc. Well, according to official police records, a number of British police forces are allowing criminals to identify as any gender they want; leading to 67 different genders being used on Police records. Critics have seemingly slammed this saying that it “corrupts data” by allowing criminals to unspecify their gender or say they’re ‘non-binary’.

According to a report by the telegraph, at minimum, nine forces across Wales and England have allowed suspected/actual criminals to record their gender on official legal documentation as “non-binary”, “unknown and unspecified”, and according to a force spokesman they “recognise as many as 67 different genders.” Is everyone oblivious to the inherent problems with allowing criminals to do this? For a start, it makes it much much harder for the police force to track them down, and secondly, if they identify as non-binary, are they going to send them to a female or male prison?

Police forces need to be very strict with the data they receive, as they are highly reliant on them for spotting trends and changing policies. Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend told Breitbart “If police stop someone going 90mph in a 50mph zone, but only identify as going 47mph, we would find that laughable. So to not collect accurate data about someone’s sex – not their gender – is ludicrous.” 

Ms Townsend makes a good point; If, like many of the left claim, gender is interchangeable “as it’s a social construct” but sex isn’t – then why is the police asking people to specify their gender and not sex, which would be more accurate as people won’t give stupid answers.

Lisa Townsend continues, “we are in danger of going into a scenario where, rather than policing for the victim and the public, we are policing for the potential criminal.” 


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