Neath Port Talbot Council & South Wales Police Snub Remembrance Day.

The annual celebration of remembrance which saw hundreds line the streets of Port Talbot will not be going ahead this year!

The reason given for this event not taking place is “due to an issue in staffing the event with enough police officers” NPT Council has confirmed.

A spokesperson for Neath Port Talbot Council said: “In recent years Covid has disrupted the well-supported local Remembrance Sunday events. In addition to this there has been a national shift in the stance of police forces towards security at parades. Working alongside our partners, the decision has been taken that this year the Remembrance Sunday events in Port Talbot will take place within the town’s Talbot Memorial Park. However, all partners are working together to ensure the full parade can resume from next year.”

Chair of the Port Talbot branch of the Royal British Legion, Pam Waite added: “We have worked with the council to find a solution which would provide a shorter, safe parade route but for this year we opted for an event held solely within Talbot Memorial Park.

“I would urge all to attend as usual, as wreath laying and prayer and other features of the service will remain the same. It is hoped that by next year’s event we will have had time, working with our partners, to have a parade as usual.”

With the above in mind, please remember the budget and presence shown by South Wales Police when it came to things like pride. They had the funds to paint cars, pay staff, paint their nails and faces, etc. but apparently they don’t have enough manpower for the 2 minutes a year to remember our fallen heros.

After everything that councils, governments and police forces have spent their money on, be it woke courses, virtue signalling with Black History Month and not to mention the thousands of illegal immigrants across the country in hotels and houses, we think it’s disgusting that after all that, you cut the one thing people actually care about and that is our fallen heros!

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  1. Completely and utterly disgraceful! Shame on them all.


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