I’m delighted and honoured to have been appointed Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party.

Over two years ago, I became politically homeless after being entirely dismayed and distraught at the way our current government was “taking care” of our country. I went on the hunt to find a party that mirrored my very strong views, and I found my home.

I have undertaken several roles in my lifetime, from private investigation to mental health and running charities. Alongside that, I have worked on national television and in the press as a broadcast journalist for 10-15 years.

In this role, it’s frowned up on to pledge your allegiance, so I sat back and silently supported.

Today, public trust in our government is at an all-time low. I have called out our current leaders in the national news and asked them what they are doing, and how they plan to fix the shambles they have inflicted upon the people of our nation. It isn’t in my nature to sit back and not produce solutions or act, which is why I have decided to take my stand. I cannot keep quiet any longer.

The UK Independence Party is the only political home for anyone who feels lost today, because we are the only party to genuinely care for our people. We are not a party full of career politicians, we do this because we are driven by passion.

The values at my core are instilled from my parents and grandparents, the greatest generation. If we don’t act now to blend old values with the qualities of future generations, we will lose the outstanding foundations our wonderful country was built upon.

We must not be afraid to speak. Free speech is being stifled by a select few who deploy outlandish stunts, brainwash, and cast judgement upon those who do not share the same view. The greatest generation are being silenced, which is the first thing I am here to stop.

Together, we can challenge, learn, and educate our future generations for a greater blended good for all.

I’m northern, incredibly so. Lancashire, and proud. I come from working class backgrounds and I’m surrounded by people who struggle with life daily. They can’t afford to heat, eat, or even just exist today. Their voices need to be heard and they must be supported.

Humans working in the world of politics are here for one reason only. We all have a common goal, support our people, make lives happier and healthier. If we leave the fate of those people in the current hands of the government, lives will only get worse. By the day!

We can’t let the conservatives and labour run our country anymore. Every single person needs to stand up and be heard, nail your colours to a mast and become independent. Now, before it’s too late.

I’m proud to be by the side of our incredible Leader, Neil Hamilton and our National Party Chairman, Ben Walker. Not to mention all our wonderfully passionate and hardworking members, without who, this mission for a better future is just not possible. Somewhere between Neil and I, I truly believe we have the perfect blend of future politics and I’m honoured to help deliver the vision of such a historically vibrant party.

Together, we will be able to make a difference. Support us because we’re here for you, the people, not the politics. With the help of you, we can put the ‘great’ back into Britain.

My first job in my new role is to listen to the people of the UK Independence Party, and indeed every voice in the country that doesn’t echo that of the traditional norm.

With that in mind, I directly appeal to Richard Tice, Laurence Fox, and David Kurten.

If we stand alone, none of our parties stand any chance of winning a general election. Together, we stand EVERY chance.

Our people are asking for us to unite. For the love of our country, let’s talk!

Your Deputy Leader,

Rebecca Jane LLB Ba (hons)
UK Independence Party – Deputy Leader


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