Time To say: "No!"

Stan Says: My perspective on people marching in London is not going to go down well with some, but this needs to be said.

Walking around London having a dance, meeting friends, having a laugh etc.. is beyond pointless. The time and cost alone should make people rethink.

Local outreach is necessary.

  • Engaging with people in your town, at schools, outside council offices and even hospitals.
  • Standing in the middle of your town with the facts and data.
  • Knocking on doors with the same.
  • Writing articles and posting them online and in local groups.
  • Being prepared to speak to people that do not agree with you, but engaging with them and discussing things.

Do you know there are some real heroes in the background working their nuts off that don’t have their names in the public and take no money?

France protests daily and have done so for months. Australians are getting shot. Italians are pushing through police lines.

Freedom of speech is dead for the honest among us, they are coming for our kids, and they have a whole winter of discontent planned for us. A Black Swan event no doubt.

When they come at us like in Australia, and they will, we have to unite and resist.

This is a battle between good and evil. Communism vs Liberty – Nothing less!

In the video below you will hear in New South Wales, if you haven’t been injected with the experimental Covid vaccine, you will “lose your freedoms” on October 11th in NSW.


  1. This is tyranny, so very wrong what they’re doing in Australia, you are completely right Stan, they’re too comfortable with people protesting the way they do I think it has to be outside their homes to get their attention

    • The Freedom Rally in Cardiff outside Drakeford’s Cardiff home and Micheal Groves country pile shows Ministers do not like it when the ‘fight’ goes to their constituencies and neighbourhood.

      Drakeford however has the luxury of having a wage and expenses totalling upwards of 200K per annum can ‘ride’ any storm he inflicts on the Country of Wales.

      A concerted effort by Stand in the park/freedom and other Anti-Tyrannical PEACEFUL Groups to switch away from London and bring it home.


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