Ever heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”? I’m guessing it’s a phrase unbeknownst to the ‘Refugees’ who get more from the government than most UK citizens; a roof over their head, free food, free bus passes, a pizza on arrival and an aspen card which gives them an extra £38 per week. Don’t even mention that most of their accommodation are four/five star hotels.

A UK charity, Refugee Education UK, warned this week that Refugees are ‘losing hope for the future’, in relation to the UK’s education system, namely “language barriers, complex enrolment processes and a lack of awareness among colleges and universities”. Am I reading this right? A lack of awareness among colleges and universities? A huge majority of students are leading the fight against the Rwanda deal with their neo-marxist mindsets. And if there was a lack of awareness, that probably has something to do with the persistent cover-up by the government with regards to the numbers of ‘refugees’, economic migrants, asylum seekers and illegals actually being housed in the UK and where. Let me put it all into perspective; in Swansea and Cardiff alone there are thousands of HMOs housing asylum seekers plus two four/five star hotels (that we know of).

The charity states “the annual number of enquiries made to its education advice service for refugees and asylum-seeking young people has ‘noticeably increased in recent years'”, further clarifying that between September 2021 and August 2022, the total number has increased by 45% in comparison to the previous year.

The interesting thing about this article from SkyNews is that they quote Ahmed Mohammad, 21. Turns out Ahmed is originally from Eritrea and has been approved for refugee status. Eritrea is in the part of South Africa that is currently under the control of a totalitarian regime, but in a way that is similar to Saudi Arabia, even though this is heavily denied by most mainstream media outlets. Eritrea is ruled under Sharia Law. Just thought that was worth the mention; 160,000 refugee family visas have been approved for Ukrainians, 25,000+ Albanians have crossed the English channel thus far, a wildly large number from Afghanistan, but apparently also hundreds of thousands that have come from certain regions within Africa. All this, while most families are going to struggle to put food on the table this Christmas and then they have the audacity to complain and say that the quality of living they’re receiving isn’t good enough. Welcome to the UK, where we don’t have a backbone.

A lot of people seem to have this false belief that “Voice of Wales hates immigrants”, this is categorically untrue and let me explain why. Previously there used to be a system in place to become a legal immigrant, you’d have to go through an entire process that would take years to accomplish. Imagine going through all that to then become a legal citizen within the UK, to see years later the UK government let any undocumented alien through the border without any consequence for BREAKING THE LAW. It’s quite simply, not fair.



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