Since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines there has been a total of 1314 reported deaths as a direct result of the vaccine. This figure is taken from the government yellow card scheme and includes deaths up to the 28th September 2022.

We must bear in mind that the true figure is likely to be a lot higher as many people are unaware of the yellow card reporting scheme so countless deaths from this untested vaccine are not being recorded. A while ago, there was also reports that hospitals weren’t alerting the YCRS of vaccine-related deaths, for reasons unclear, which has left me to assume there’s some personal bias and denial involved.

We know that many activist groups have been working frequently over the last 2 years to alert the public to the dangers of these jabs which are still in trials until 2023. Recently a sticker campaign has tried to shine a light on the truth in the busy shopping area of Albany Road in Cardiff. Hundreds of stickers were placed in prominent places which showed the names and faces of some of the victims of these jabs. Each face, a story. A story of deceit and lies spread from their own government they elected to serve them.

Well recently, some of the public took it upon themselves to censor the truth and tried to remove some of the stickers. These were real people who lost their lives from taking a vaccine that was touted as “safe and effective” and to scratch out their faces appears highly disrespectful.

Many of the stickers remain however and there has been tweets of support from the public.


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