Rishi Sunak Jumps On The Grooming Gang Bandwagon.

In a recent interview with GB News, Rishi Sunak was questioned about the real pandemic in the UK, Grooming Gangs. Mr Sunak was reminded that he made a policy this week about tackling extremism and was asked by GB news, “Does that include doing more to tackle some of the grooming gangs” and “what can you say to show that you will clamp down more on that kind of stuff”. Mr Sunak explained that he has two girls then went on to say “I think for too long, we just haven’t focused on this issue”. He continued “We all know the reason people don’t focus on it, it’s because of political correctness and they’re scared of calling out the fact that there is a particular group of people perpetuating these crimes, and I think that’s wrong”. A new task force focused on grooming gangs, a requirement of police forces everywhere to prioritise grooming gangs and ensuring that all police forces record the ethnicity of those involved were suggested as one way to deal with this.

Rishi Sunak has been an MP for Richmond since 2015. Just over 50 miles away from Richmond you have places like Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Wakefield,where there have been convictions for grooming gangs. Another 15 – 20 miles on, you come to places like Huddersfield, Rotherham, Sheffield, Rochdale, Oldham, again all with many grooming gang convictions. The conservative party were fully aware and are as accountable as anyone else in power.

Following Mr Sunak’s interview with GB News, former detective Maggie Oliver accused Mr Sunak of “jumping on the band wagon because he is up for election as the new Prime Minister”.  Maggie goes on to explain that the problems in relation to tackling the grooming gangs have been in existence for decades and that she has been shouting about it for 10 years.

As Maggie explained, these problems have been around for decades. She has victims coming to her in their hundreds saying the police are not listening to them. Maggie also goes on to say “what we don’t need is Rishi Sunak giving a statement because he’s up for election and when he comes into office, it fades away”.

What is for sure is that grooming gangs have been going unpunished for decades whilst the victims have been shamefully let down by the very people who are supposed to protect and the people who have been calling this out for the last 15 years have been attacked by the very people responsible for allowing this to happen.

If Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss want to be taken seriously, we suggest that they start by holding accountable all those who were in a position of power at the time of these child rapes. If there was any form of neglect of duty which lead to a child being raped, it should be jail time. Stop policing hurty words online and start policing predominately Pakistani Muslim rape squads.


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